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New Stuff In Webkinz World

April 3, 2008

Hey there is a hole bunch of new stuff in webkinz world so here they are:

1. New place in webkinz world called the webkinz stadium where you can compeat agant other webkinz pets they only have one catagory right now called beauty pagent you can guess what that is about the prizes are great though there are 1,000 people who can enter the entry fee is 25 KC but if you win you get a trophy and 10,000 KC split between the top ten pets but the first prize is still 4,000! They run on times like the TAs the first one is today at 5:00 so I will post later if I can enter.

2. We finaly have our first talent course called hairdresser basicly you give plumpy a new hairdo it’s a lot of fun!

3. the american cocker spainel, Lil. Kinz mouse, leopard lizard, and chicken have all been added.

4. New recipe solved mix candy apple, pickle, and orange to get. . .


now for some best kinz blog news

1. the free pink poodle contest will begin today it is a radom contest just like the last one.

2. also there will be a 10,000 hits contest it works just like the last one with a page be the first to comment after we reach 10,000 hits there will be three secrect rare prizes.

P.S. Sorry I have not been posting much but there has not been much to post about untill now.

P.P.S. I adopeted my pink poodle and it said that it’s best friend was a green frog so I wonder if that is the webkinz frog on a new pet or if there will be a yellow or blue frog comming soon that they had to do that for.


New Webkinz Pics.

March 24, 2008

Here are the june realease online pics.


New Webkinz Pics.

March 24, 2008

Hey check out these pics. I found on

this is one of the webkinz gecko I’m not sure which one.


This is the webkinz rhino.


This is the webkinz samoyed dog.


This is the webkinz lioness.


This is the webkinz whimsy dragon.


All of these are due to release in may.


March 14, 2008

Hey congrats polo you win my number was 23 I will email the code to you today, also ganz has the seasonal pets for 2008-2009 the H day it is a webkinz bat, for X-mas it is a snowman, and for V day it is a monkey (I don’t know if it is a love monkey or not but my guess is that it is), also ganz is cutting donw on freinds lists again the limit is 5oo this time.

Now on this blog the are a number of new pages the first is a upcomming webkinz page, the second is an events page this page is all about events from this blog, like monthly food mailings, free code contests, and partys, the third is a blogroll page where any one who has a blog can post it and I will add it to my blogroll.

P.S. I would have had this up last night but my computer was so slow that I gave up, sorry.


March 9, 2008

I have found a list of new webkinz comming out that I have never seen befor they have the secrect pet items and some secrect food items listed with them so here they are:

Name                            |Secrect Item                           |Secrect Food

1. Flamingo-                |Pink Floating Bed                   |Unknown

2. Welsh Corgi            |Royal Pooch Bed                     |Kibble Corn Crunch

3. Monarch Butterfly|Sunflower Seed Stove            |Unknown

4. Cheeky Racoon      |Unknown                                 |Unknown

5. Turkey                    |Unknown                                 |Unknown

6. Giraffe                    |Tree Bed                                   |Mint Leaf Munch

7. Zebra                     |Black And White Throne        |Grass Munchies

8. Warthog                |Mud Pool                                   |Mud And Grub Soup

9. Snow Leopard      |Snowfall Couch                         |Snowflake Soup

Now these are not confermed by ganz yet so it may not be true I don’t really know you make your own mind up.

New Webkinz And Webkinz Stuff

March 9, 2008

Hey I just found out ganz is making 2 new lil. kinz a lil. clydesdale and a lil. chicken, also their is a bunch of new clothing comming out here is a list of them Chalk Flower Top, Smocked Sundress, Big It Up Hat, Swimming Trunks, Wildflower Swimsuit, Smart Sweater Vest, Turquoise Blouse, Blue Football Jersey, Stone Wash Jeans, Brown Cords, Star Fly Pants, Tuxedo, Warm Up Set, Candy Capri Set, Webkinz Hoody, Cherry Tank, Cupcake Tee with Skirt, Lilac Sparkle Party Dress, Cheerleader, Basketball Outfit, Gathered Top & Pants, Kaleidoscope Skirt Set, Pink Poodle PJ Set, Wedding Dress.

P.S. Don’t forget the Lil. Kinz Pig contest has started today.

New Webkinz Pic.

March 8, 2008

Hey here is a Pic of a new webkinz comming out I think it is the whimsy dragon but I’m not sure. This pic. one sent to me by one of the fans of this site that wishies to remain unamed.


P.S. The wheel of wishes is an a day event to everyone on sturday.


March 6, 2008

Hey is a list of new things in webkinz world

1. the wish factory

this is a new item on the things to do list you use your wish tokens to get exclusive items the only bad thing is that you have to have 10 the use it.

2. the wheel of wishes

this is webkinz world’s newest wheel it looks to be full of kinz cash prizes.

3. new theme

pretty in pink is a new theme that webkinz world has come up with every thing is different shades of pink the theme does not look to costly but only half of it is up.

4. candy bats

webkinz world has a new floating item wacky zingoz if you click of him you get a candy bat.

5. ritered pets

webkinz world has retired 6 pets the sherbert bunny the luv puppy the yellow lab the lil panda the lil leopard and the black friesian have all been retired.

6. new webkinz added

the brown dog the tiger snake the bengal tiger the lil black lab and the lil pink poodle have all been added.

P.S. My internet went down monday night and comcast could not come out to fix it untill today thats why there have been no posts for a wile.

P.P.S. can anyone tell me when webkinz world updated?

P.P.P.S. the second place winner for the 5000 hits contest is polo I will send his gift when he adds me.

March 3, 2008

Hey here is a list of webkinz comming out is may 

  • Webkinz Gecko
  • Webkinz Lioness
  • Webkinz Rhino
  • Webkinz Samoyed Dog
  • Webkinz Lemon-Lime Gecko
  • Webkinz Pink Googles
  • Webkinz Siamese Cat
  • Webkinz Striped Snake
  • Webkinz Whimsy Dragon
  • New Webkinz

    February 23, 2008

    Hey check it out you can now take home a zingoz and the plush comes with a code that gets you an extream version of wackey zingoz sweet!!!

    Also check out the pic. I found it seams to be a kinz cash coin charm, tell me what you think.