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New Stuff In Webkinz World

April 3, 2008

Hey there is a hole bunch of new stuff in webkinz world so here they are:

1. New place in webkinz world called the webkinz stadium where you can compeat agant other webkinz pets they only have one catagory right now called beauty pagent you can guess what that is about the prizes are great though there are 1,000 people who can enter the entry fee is 25 KC but if you win you get a trophy and 10,000 KC split between the top ten pets but the first prize is still 4,000! They run on times like the TAs the first one is today at 5:00 so I will post later if I can enter.

2. We finaly have our first talent course called hairdresser basicly you give plumpy a new hairdo it’s a lot of fun!

3. the american cocker spainel, Lil. Kinz mouse, leopard lizard, and chicken have all been added.

4. New recipe solved mix candy apple, pickle, and orange to get. . .


now for some best kinz blog news

1. the free pink poodle contest will begin today it is a radom contest just like the last one.

2. also there will be a 10,000 hits contest it works just like the last one with a page be the first to comment after we reach 10,000 hits there will be three secrect rare prizes.

P.S. Sorry I have not been posting much but there has not been much to post about untill now.

P.P.S. I adopeted my pink poodle and it said that it’s best friend was a green frog so I wonder if that is the webkinz frog on a new pet or if there will be a yellow or blue frog comming soon that they had to do that for.


New Recipe Solved

March 28, 2008

New recipe,

In the blender mix cherries, cream soda, and dragon fruit, and wala!


P.S. This mounths birthday party is friday at 7:00 on the purple zone bring a pet that you have with a birthday in march get on webkinz world around 7:00 and I will invite you to my house there will be food games and saturday a kinz post birthday gift.

P.S.S. Does any one know why the login page says Nafaria’s spell has been broken! All gardens are ready to harvest!

New Webkinz Pics.

March 24, 2008

Here are the june realease online pics.


New Webkinz Pics.

March 24, 2008

Hey check out these pics. I found on

this is one of the webkinz gecko I’m not sure which one.


This is the webkinz rhino.


This is the webkinz samoyed dog.


This is the webkinz lioness.


This is the webkinz whimsy dragon.


All of these are due to release in may.