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New Stuff In Webkinz World

April 3, 2008

Hey there is a hole bunch of new stuff in webkinz world so here they are:

1. New place in webkinz world called the webkinz stadium where you can compeat agant other webkinz pets they only have one catagory right now called beauty pagent you can guess what that is about the prizes are great though there are 1,000 people who can enter the entry fee is 25 KC but if you win you get a trophy and 10,000 KC split between the top ten pets but the first prize is still 4,000! They run on times like the TAs the first one is today at 5:00 so I will post later if I can enter.

2. We finaly have our first talent course called hairdresser basicly you give plumpy a new hairdo it’s a lot of fun!

3. the american cocker spainel, Lil. Kinz mouse, leopard lizard, and chicken have all been added.

4. New recipe solved mix candy apple, pickle, and orange to get. . .


now for some best kinz blog news

1. the free pink poodle contest will begin today it is a radom contest just like the last one.

2. also there will be a 10,000 hits contest it works just like the last one with a page be the first to comment after we reach 10,000 hits there will be three secrect rare prizes.

P.S. Sorry I have not been posting much but there has not been much to post about untill now.

P.P.S. I adopeted my pink poodle and it said that it’s best friend was a green frog so I wonder if that is the webkinz frog on a new pet or if there will be a yellow or blue frog comming soon that they had to do that for.



March 18, 2008

Hey congrats Emily you win the raney day window,

I am going to send out the mounthly food mailing thursday so if you want to get a package add me in webkinz world.

Also I have seen new adds in webkinz world one is to cellbrate spring and it says be here march 23 which is easter so I don’t think that this is a spring festival.


March 3, 2008

Hey the winner of the charm contest is . . . Maryanne congrats I have emailed the code to you.

Also I am using my dads computer to write this but I can’t get very much time on it so there will not be so many posts untill I get my computer back.

In webkinz world you can get wish tookens in the POTM loot bags so far I have one.

There will be another contest comming up soon the prize will be a Lil. Kinz Pig the contest will not start untill I get my computer back.


February 28, 2008

Can I have a drum roll please the winner of the bullfrog code is . . . COCOMAC ! ! !
congrats I will email you the code today.

Check out the 5ooo hits contest on the contest/givaway page

Check Out This Pic.

February 27, 2008

Look at this pic. I found it seams to be a new superbed, I hope so this looks really neet!!!


P.S. the post befor this one is the list of all people who have been entered in the code givaway I will be updating this as more people enter.

The List . . .

February 26, 2008

Hey I said I would post a list of the names of all the people I have enetred in the webinz code givaway so here it is:





















Patsie webkinz

webkinz lover




frekie02(is my WWID)







the are the names from the top of the comments themselfs, see if you can find you name there. I had tons of comments say their username or email address but the did not say that they had told someone about bestkinzblog so if you did tell someone about bestkinzblog and you are not here just say so and I will add you.

This contest ends at 12:00 pm on the 28 of Feb. you have untill then to enter.

Please do not post your email address here that is very risky to do on the internet, only post it if your email is differnt from the one on the comment (when you comment I get your email address) I will keep the comment but it will not be on this site.

P.S. the charm contest ends the 29 of Feb. so don’t forget to enter.


February 23, 2008

Hey everyone just a few updates on things 1st arte will nolonger tell you when the rare times are anymore and you can only buy one rare a day, also I will nolonger add people in webkinz world if you want to be my freind you have to add me yourself, I will be sending out food packags every mounth so add me and I will send you some to, I will not be removing usernames from comments anymore so please, PLEASE be carful what you say in your comments, also the webkinz code givaway will end next thrusday I will post a list of people who have entered tuesday so you can get on it if you are not alredy.

P.S. remember to vote for your pick for the webkinz code contest it will start tomarrow.

Webkinz World Updates

February 21, 2008

Hey everyone there are tons of new things in webkinz world here they are.

1st the giant venus flytrap, the undersea porthole, and the jelly lollipop tree have all ben retired.

2nd new exclusive items have ben added they are the giant feather chair, the giant sandwitch table, the stoplight lamp, the webkinz theme music box, antique lamp post, and the ambulance, check them out their really cool.

3rd 2 new super beds first is the bed of roses, and second the monster (under the) bed.

4th the game goobers atomicolicious has bed added to the tournament arena, I have not been able to play it though because every time I try it freezes my window and I have to close the window and log in again.

The next two are updates about me and my blog.

1st welcome Romeo my love frog I adopted him today.

2nd new contest starts soon the prize is a webkinz but I want you to choose which one it is so here is the list

1. pinto code.

2. chocolate lab code.

3. german shephard code.

4. dalmation code.

5. hippo code.

6. panda code.

7. tiger code.

8. bulldog code.

9. poodle code.

10. bullfrog code.

choose one and comment under this thred the contest will start day after tomarrow.

P.S. yaaaaaa the hunger glitch is fixed.

End All The Questions Once And For All.

February 18, 2008

Ok I have gotten many questions about this contest so here are the answers to a few of them.

1. The way I am chosing a winner is by a drawing no matter how many times you comment or how many places you talk about bestkinzblog it will not improve you chance of winning.

2. I remove you usernames for safty reasons if you want your username email me once and I will let them pe posted, but on your own head be it.

3. The code for this contest is the bullfrog it WILL NOT BE CHANGED there will be other contests with other pet codes later.

4. After you have won once you can not win again, your name will be taked out.

5. When we get close to the end of the contest I will post the names of the people who I have entered if you are not on this list then you will have a few days to enter befor the contest ends.

Update On The Webkinz Code Givaway

February 15, 2008

Hey the code for this givaway is a bullfrog (not lil kinz bullfrog) but I have the codes for the pink poodle and the lil kinz pig which will be prizes for other contests, (and yes people can win them is time for POTM). This contest will end the 28 of Feb. Thanks to all the people who entered allredy, I have had one person comment saying they found out from a freind, which is what I was hopeing for. This is awasome keep it up!!!