Finish up the Comment Contest


15 comments: Kibble-Chip Ice Cream-B&W Cheeky Dog

30 Comments: Candy Corn Compote-Chicken

55 comments: Rascal’s Rotullini-Retired Raccon

Come on you know you guys can finish it up!!!

The one who gets to 55 comments might get something special!!!


77 Responses to “Finish up the Comment Contest”

  1. mason Says:


  2. mason Says:


  3. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    hey mason

  4. Jake Says:


  5. Abby Says:

    Hi everyone I’m Abby. I’m new to this webkinz blog and when I found this one I was shocked. I Have 26 webkinz and I started June 9th 2007. My birthday is coming up and I can’t wait to get more webkinz! Nice to meet everyone! 🙂

  6. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    hey Jake

  7. minervascupcake Says:

    hi every one

  8. minervascupcake Says:

    at saturday is the wheel of the month for all all day!!!

  9. minervascupcake Says:

    hi there

  10. minervascupcake Says:

    how was your day?

  11. minervascupcake Says:

    hope it was good

  12. minervascupcake Says:

    do you like the dragon?

  13. minervascupcake Says:

    i do 😀

  14. minervascupcake Says:

    hope i get the rotweiler hes sooo cute

  15. minervascupcake Says:

    im excited wat item he will get

  16. minervascupcake Says:

    oh and the bat will be cool

  17. minervascupcake Says:

    awesome i got the 15 comment win yeay
    my username is minerva13
    thanks alot

  18. minervascupcake Says:


  19. minervascupcake Says:

    someone here?

  20. minervascupcake Says:

    i accept your friend request 😀

  21. minervascupcake Says:

    on friday
    5-6 W-coupon!

  22. minervascupcake Says:

    7-8Pm Wheel of yum!
    8-9PmWheel of yum POTM!

  23. minervascupcake Says:

    8-9Pm Big Button of Kinzcashfor all !!!!
    10-11Pm free 40kinzcash

  24. minervascupcake Says:

    oh and saturday
    Wheel of the Month all Day for all!
    9-10 Am Wheel of WOW

  25. minervascupcake Says:

    11-noon 35Kinzcash
    noon-1Pm Wheel of yum!

  26. minervascupcake Says:

    1-2 Wheel of yum POTM !
    3-4 Dartz
    4-5Pm W coupon!

  27. minervascupcake Says:

    Wheel of the month for the POTM all day!
    9-10 Am W-coupon

  28. minervascupcake Says:

    10-11 Am Dartz
    8-9 Pm 20kinzcash

  29. minervascupcake Says:

    hope you like the infos

  30. minervascupcake Says:

    tomorrow has a webbie birthday
    my pig daisy 😀

  31. minervascupcake Says:

    thanks the 30 comment daisy will be happy Yeay

  32. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    hi minerva

  33. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    i sent your food

  34. minervascupcake Says:

    Thanks alot i got it !
    a big hug !

  35. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    your welcomeand thanks for the cupcake

  36. minervascupcake Says:

    good news ! The Tradingroom is back at the Clubhouse!
    Yeay 🙂
    nice greetings

  37. dolphinlover45 Says:


  38. dolphinlover45 Says:

    im bored

  39. dolphinlover45 Says:

    my username is heart143

  40. dolphinlover45 Says:

    i luv this blog!

  41. dolphinlover45 Says:

    i go on almost everyday

  42. dolphinlover45 Says:

    can someone please visit my site? its

  43. dolphinlover45 Says:

    im on comment 44!!!

  44. dolphinlover45 Says:

    11 more!!!!

  45. dolphinlover45 Says:


  46. dolphinlover45 Says:


  47. dolphinlover45 Says:


  48. dolphinlover45 Says:


  49. dolphinlover45 Says:

    6 YAY!

  50. dolphinlover45 Says:

    sssooooo close!!

  51. dolphinlover45 Says:


  52. dolphinlover45 Says:


  53. dolphinlover45 Says:


  54. dolphinlover45 Says:


  55. dolphinlover45 Says:

    Y AY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. mason Says:

    he yguys fell feel free to add me mason85 firs one who does get a surprise food,and clothe

  57. mason Says:

    i could really use comment 55 i am not that rich and ihave a raccon os winning this food could really help me out

  58. mason Says:

    i am going to give u guys a bio of me

  59. mason Says:

    my name is mason (not going to say my last name) i am in the fifth grade well almost in sitxh i get MOSTLY all A’s but not always becuase of my reading teacher she hates the boys and i mean it i love baseball and webkinz thats about it oo and i have a 7 year old sister name haley

  60. mason Says:

    hello anyone here

  61. mason Says:

    well okay i will be back

  62. mason Says:

    i guess i will win this there is a rule about jibberest right i wont do it but just wondering 🙂

  63. mason Says:

    i really want to this i am sick so i am not at school but all i had was a ache head ache and a horrible cough

  64. mason Says:

    how many more let me see

  65. mason Says:

    guys any1 have the gold safe iwill trade anything for it: hot tub,street light,hockey stuff,about every hair stlye,checker flooring,umm alot more stuff but i have just about every rare

  66. mason Says:

    i hate do keep commenting but i really need this food for my raccon zack did any get int othe ctrading roo myet

  67. mason Says:

    i am having a survey what kind of music do kids like r&r coutry hip hop jazz right now it 5 for r&r and 0 for everything esle so feel free to answer

  68. mason Says:

    today was one of my pets bday my brown dog name coco dont ask y i name it that

  69. mason Says:

    this is comment # 50 so just five the ni can go get some sleep

  70. mason Says:

    wow i am like super duper tired my head is pounding

  71. mason Says:

    am i allow t odeo this i should be because that what minerascupcake did

  72. mason Says:

    well guys iam goign towin this i hate to wi it this way but no1 is here so i have 2

  73. mason Says:

    well i cant wait to feed this ffod to my raccon eho his like stavring

  74. mason Says:

    YEA i win my user name is mason85 o rdo i have to add u whats urs

  75. Nathan Says:

    i sent the food!!

  76. dagirl66 Says:

    Hi! We were wondering if any of you wanted to visit our NEW site! (excluding the exclamation point. Please leave a comment. Let us know what you think we take nice comments or constructive criticism as well.

  77. mason Says:

    thanks i got it

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