Comment Contest


I will be holding a comment contest!!!! The theme will be all pet foods!!!!

10 comments: Pink Poodle Parfait- Pink Poodle

20 comments: Mud Burger-Pig

30 comments: Candy Grass-Cow

40 comments: Gaur Garbue-Bengal Tiger

50 comments: Lobster Kibble Bisque- White Poodle

60 comments: Poppin Peach Melba-Kangaroo

75 comments: Kibble-Chip Ice Cream-B&W Cheeky Dog

90 Comments: Candy Corn Compote-Chicken

100 comments: Rascal’s Rotullini-Retired Raccon

If you get to one of the comments, post your username. I will add you to my friends and send you the prize!!

Hope you have FUN!!



75 Responses to “Comment Contest”

  1. mason Says:

    no ffesive but i thinkg its about time u update

  2. mason Says:

    my username is mason85

  3. 17Starlite Says:


  4. 17Starlite Says:

    oops caps lock was on

  5. 17Starlite Says:


  6. 17Starlite Says:


  7. 17Starlite Says:


  8. 17Starlite Says:

    r .

  9. 17Starlite Says:


  10. 17Starlite Says:

    Yay i win!

  11. 17Starlite Says:


  12. 17Starlite Says:


  13. 17Starlite Says:


  14. 17Starlite Says:


  15. 17Starlite Says:


  16. 17Starlite Says:

    just need 5 more comments

  17. 17Starlite Says:

    now i just need 4 more comments

  18. 17Starlite Says:

    now it’s three

  19. 17Starlite Says:

    Anyone wanna catch up?

  20. 17Starlite Says:

    i win yahoo!

  21. 17Starlite Says:


  22. 17Starlite Says:

    happy william rase is crazy day

  23. 17Starlite Says:

    nim’s island is cool!

  24. 17Starlite Says:

    yoohoo somebody comment besides me!

  25. 17Starlite Says:

    Pinky and Wiggles will

  26. 17Starlite Says:

    be sooooooo happy that

  27. 17Starlite Says:

    i’m feeding them their unique

  28. 17Starlite Says:

    special pet food when you send it

  29. 17Starlite Says:

    😀 😀 😥 I’m crying for joy!

  30. 17Starlite Says:


  31. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    awesome you win, please post your username
    Also mason i am the new author for awhile, she can’t be on for some time and now i am the current author. Rember me I was the one who traded you the blue wagon for the the trading card table!!!

  32. Maryanne Says:

    -rolls on floor-

  33. 17Starlite Says:

    i am 17Starlite

  34. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    i added you. you just got accept my request

  35. webkinzunite23 Says:

    H is anyone here

  36. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I have about 60 webkinz

  37. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I love to roller blade

  38. webkinzunite23 Says:

    Go to my website

  39. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I would appreciate if someone was on

  40. webkinzunite23 Says:

    Okay bye

  41. webkinzunite23 Says:

    If someone doesn’t come soon I will leave

  42. webkinzunite23 Says:


  43. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I heart hamsters

  44. webkinzunite23 Says:

    and webkinz of course

  45. webkinzunite23 Says:

    If anyone wants to be my friend on webkinz my username is chrisdaughteryrocks

  46. webkinzunite23 Says:

    Chris Daughtery was on season 5 American Idol

  47. webkinzunite23 Says:

    He got 4th Place to Elliot Yamin

  48. webkinzunite23 Says:

    Taylor Hicks won.

  49. webkinzunite23 Says:

    But now he barely does anything involved with singing

  50. webkinzunite23 Says:

    Jordin Sparks won last year

  51. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I think Blake Lewis should have won

  52. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    webkinzunite23 you won the 40 and 50 comments, i will add you and send you your food

  53. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    17starlite you have to accept me as a friend, so i can send you your food

  54. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    webkinzunite23, i sent you your food. Hope you like it!!!

    Come on guys keep commenting. Pump it up!!!!!

  55. mmw12793 Says:

    mmw12793 :]

  56. Rebecca or WLover12 Says:

    ok all i need is 5 to win although i am not a big fan on food

  57. Rebecca or WLover12 Says:

    escepially when it is not my pets food

  58. Rebecca or WLover12 Says:

    i have a blog and i NEED more hits

  59. Rebecca or WLover12 Says:

    the only people who come our really nice people who i know really well in the webkinz blog community

  60. Rebecca or WLover12 Says:

    ok i win! my username is WLover12. add me!

  61. libby459 Says:

    go to

  62. libby459 Says:

    i need more people to go there.

  63. libby459 Says:

    my username is libby459

  64. libby459 Says:

    i need comments on my website

  65. libby459 Says:

    some one go there

  66. libby459 Says:

    its awsome

  67. libby459 Says:

    ru ready to go

  68. libby459 Says:

    im gonna leave soon

  69. libby459 Says:


  70. libby459 Says:

    wait no now bye for sure.

  71. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    everthing sent, keep commenting to get to 100

  72. ChickentasticGirl Says:

    I want lots of psf

  73. mandii Says:

    I hope i win for comment 75

  74. mandii Says:

    i dont have the cheeky dog food

  75. mandii Says:

    wats up?

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