Anyone want it?


Hey I nolonger have time to wirte this blog so anyone who will keep this blog up untill I have time again will be made co wirtter.


8 Responses to “Anyone want it?”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I can

    are you still going to do contests?

  2. ilracnna Says:

    I can sulply the prizes if you oraagnize them I can email you the list of all the rares that I have for contests drop me an email if you are interested.

  3. Chocolate1121 Says:

    i’ll do it if you give me a gift on WW! Well, reply to me at, i go there every day.

  4. webkinzlover08 Says:

    I can do it i have a wordpress blog
    if u’d like me to let me know im quite friendly and i get lots of info beforehand bout webkinz

  5. webkinzunite23 Says:

    I can do it. I would be pleased to. I love your blog so much. I go on the computer everyday. Visit my website . I always update it. Well sometimes I add new pages or something

  6. minervascupcake Says:

    I have a little Comment Contest.
    Please take a look.

  7. polo Says:

    i will!!! i did work for webkinzrcool1 but she left for a while, so i would rather do this blog!!1 It rocks! Hopefully i can! i can supply some prizes too

  8. dragonmaster2012 Says:

    i’m aready working it, she just has to post about a me.

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