10 AM Rare


Check it out there is a 10 AM rare at the curio shop. Thanks to minerva.


5 Responses to “10 AM Rare”

  1. minervascupcake Says:

    23march 6 pm 😉

  2. minervascupcake Says:

    Happy Eastern !

  3. minervascupcake Says:

    cool you have the 7 level . 🙂

  4. minervascupcake Says:

    hey ilracnna
    i invite you to a concert on webkinz hosted from yoshigirl.please go to her page and check it out 😉
    she need also you email adress to send you the infos.
    hope you come

  5. ilracnna Says:

    thanks for inviting me minerva.

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