Hey congrats Emily you win the raney day window,

I am going to send out the mounthly food mailing thursday so if you want to get a package add me in webkinz world.

Also I have seen new adds in webkinz world one is to cellbrate spring and it says be here march 23 which is easter so I don’t think that this is a spring festival.


6 Responses to “Winner!!!!!!!”

  1. nikky21 Says:

    if you have a webkinz add me to your friends list if you would username is a32eeeeeee but remember their are 7 e’s.people mi that up alot.

  2. nikky21 Says:

    i have 6 webkinz pug,cow,pinto,bulldog,love frog,and rabbit.

  3. nikky21 Says:

    please add me to your friends list

  4. ilracnna Says:

    I do not add any one unless they won something if you want a food package than add me yourself.

  5. pinkgirl847 Says:

    hi um I saw the picture of the whimsy dragon and do you mind if I copy it and put it on my site?

  6. ilracnna Says:

    Know I don’t mind as long as you give me credit for it.

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