New Webkinz And Webkinz Stuff


Hey I just found out ganz is making 2 new lil. kinz a lil. clydesdale and a lil. chicken, also their is a bunch of new clothing comming out here is a list of them Chalk Flower Top, Smocked Sundress, Big It Up Hat, Swimming Trunks, Wildflower Swimsuit, Smart Sweater Vest, Turquoise Blouse, Blue Football Jersey, Stone Wash Jeans, Brown Cords, Star Fly Pants, Tuxedo, Warm Up Set, Candy Capri Set, Webkinz Hoody, Cherry Tank, Cupcake Tee with Skirt, Lilac Sparkle Party Dress, Cheerleader, Basketball Outfit, Gathered Top & Pants, Kaleidoscope Skirt Set, Pink Poodle PJ Set, Wedding Dress.

P.S. Don’t forget the Lil. Kinz Pig contest has started today.


6 Responses to “New Webkinz And Webkinz Stuff”

  1. alexa Says:

    OMG 123 + u + me = LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alexa mcnevin Says:

    OMGSH i cant believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ilracnna Says:

    OK thats a little werd.

  4. ilracnna Says:

    Are you like gay?

  5. funnymunky Says:

    ilracnna….um….i dont think that u should be writing that kind of stuff because little kids go on this site too.

  6. ilracnna Says:

    I don’t think that would be a propblem because if they know what that means than their old enough to see it if their too yong see that, than they don’t know what that means.

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