Hey everyone just a few updates on things 1st arte will nolonger tell you when the rare times are anymore and you can only buy one rare a day, also I will nolonger add people in webkinz world if you want to be my freind you have to add me yourself, I will be sending out food packags every mounth so add me and I will send you some to, I will not be removing usernames from comments anymore so please, PLEASE be carful what you say in your comments, also the webkinz code givaway will end next thrusday I will post a list of people who have entered tuesday so you can get on it if you are not alredy.

P.S. remember to vote for your pick for the webkinz code contest it will start tomarrow.


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. bubba302 Says:

    I vote Germen Sheperd cuz I really need that one!

  2. pikaplace Says:

    can I enter please

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