Webkinz World Updates


Hey everyone there are tons of new things in webkinz world here they are.

1st the giant venus flytrap, the undersea porthole, and the jelly lollipop tree have all ben retired.

2nd new exclusive items have ben added they are the giant feather chair, the giant sandwitch table, the stoplight lamp, the webkinz theme music box, antique lamp post, and the ambulance, check them out their really cool.

3rd 2 new super beds first is the bed of roses, and second the monster (under the) bed.

4th the game goobers atomicolicious has bed added to the tournament arena, I have not been able to play it though because every time I try it freezes my window and I have to close the window and log in again.

The next two are updates about me and my blog.

1st welcome Romeo my love frog I adopted him today.

2nd new contest starts soon the prize is a webkinz but I want you to choose which one it is so here is the list

1. pinto code.

2. chocolate lab code.

3. german shephard code.

4. dalmation code.

5. hippo code.

6. panda code.

7. tiger code.

8. bulldog code.

9. poodle code.

10. bullfrog code.

choose one and comment under this thred the contest will start day after tomarrow.

P.S. yaaaaaa the hunger glitch is fixed.


19 Responses to “Webkinz World Updates”

  1. SarahEOlson Says:

    ummmmm who won the last one???????????? and i pick the panda code!

  2. minervascupcake Says:

    Bulldog is great
    And i have lots of news take a look
    greetings minerva

  3. polo Says:

    i would say the dalmation, bulldog, or german shepard!!!!! polo

  4. ilracnna Says:

    the last one is not over I’m just starting a new one the other one ends next thursday (the 28th).

  5. Dannyray32 Says:

    I would want a hippo, german shepard, bulldog, or pinto code!!!

  6. ~♥Webkinzrcool1♥~ Says:

    I dont get what to do for the contest.
    Yet I would pick pinto code.

  7. lanagirl112 Says:

    i pik panda. definateley the panda.

  8. limekinz Says:

    i would pick the pinto code check out my blog



  9. minervascupcake Says:

    Hello its me again
    i have the daily rares posted on my page!
    take a look! the new ancient wallpaper is today!

  10. Maryanne Says:

    I would say Pinto or Panda.

  11. bubba302 Says:

    I vote German Sheperd!

  12. yoshigirl97 Says:

    I say…Panda Code!

  13. anothermauri Says:

    I actually hvae a question for you. It seems like you know your way around the Webkinz site so can you tell me why I am unable to rename my rooms. It keeps telling me that I am using unacceptable words. I have about 20 rooms and can’t remember where all of my pets go so I need to figure this out. Thanks in advance. Mauri

  14. dobbsrules19 Says:

    I vote …. Dalmation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ilracnna Says:

    anothermauri You can only name you rooms with words that are in the ganz dictionary and sometimes your pets names are not in that dictionary but you can always name your room wit words that you can find in webkinz world if it wont let you name your rooms . noot even with a theme room word then contact ganz because there is something wrong with you accont. hope this helps. ilracnna

  16. anothermauri Says:

    Can you tell where to find the dictionary?

    Thanks, Mauri

  17. ilracnna Says:

    you can not see the dictionary it is something like a block that is on the site you just have to play around a see what words you can use

  18. bla Says:


  19. kokolvr Says:

    i pick the black lab

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