End All The Questions Once And For All.


Ok I have gotten many questions about this contest so here are the answers to a few of them.

1. The way I am chosing a winner is by a drawing no matter how many times you comment or how many places you talk about bestkinzblog it will not improve you chance of winning.

2. I remove you usernames for safty reasons if you want your username email me once and I will let them pe posted, but on your own head be it.

3. The code for this contest is the bullfrog it WILL NOT BE CHANGED there will be other contests with other pet codes later.

4. After you have won once you can not win again, your name will be taked out.

5. When we get close to the end of the contest I will post the names of the people who I have entered if you are not on this list then you will have a few days to enter befor the contest ends.


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