New Header


Hey everyone check out my new header it’s a bit more colourful so let me know what you think.

8 Responses to “New Header”

  1. 17Starlite Says:

    cool i guess

  2. kressie647 Says:

    it’s okay

  3. Rita Says:

    i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how did u get it so pretty ??????????????????

    P.S. ~ how do ya make headers ?????????????

  4. Bubba302 Says:

    It is so cute I love the Velvety Elephant and the Sherbert Bunnny!!!

  5. polo Says:

    that is the most amazing header ever i hope i win ur contest for the code! u r amazing

  6. ilracnna Says:

    I did not make I had somone make it for me.

  7. minervascupcake Says:


  8. iceskater4ever Says:


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