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Another Giveaway!!

January 30, 2008

We are aproching out 1000th hit so to celebrate the first person to coment after 1000 hits will win a YangYin Blossom and a wheel of wow free spin ticket and a extra ball ticket the second place prize is a wheel of wow free spin ticket and a extra ball ticket. Email me or coment with your username and if you are first you win!!

P.S. don’t forget about the other contest. (this is not a scam beleve me I hate scamers)


April’s POTM

January 29, 2008

April’s POTM will be. . . the pink poodle also March’s POTM will be the lil. kinz pig.

Here Is The Wackey Zingoz Pic.

January 29, 2008

Here is the Wackey Zingoz Pic. I found this right after I posted tha others also all of the new webkinz will be comming out in march.


OMG!!! New Webkinz!!

January 29, 2008

Look at these Pics. of new webkinz the frist one is the tiger snake the second one is the brown dog and the third one is the bengal tiger there is also a webkinz wacky zingoz comming out but I don’t have a pic. of it yet. Also a lil kinz black lab and lil kinz pink poodle are comming out. I can’t beleve their making a webkinz snake.


New Contest

January 28, 2008

Hey everyone that charm that I have I figured out what kind of contest to do with it so here are the rules.

post how many charms you have and if you have the panda bear or not I will not tell you what I’m looking for so that people can not cheet. I will post the title of the comment that won, so if you win and you see you comment title as the winner you have to email me at and I will sent you the code for the charm. This contest will be running from now untill the end of Feb.

P.S. you can only enter once.

Webkinz Scamer

January 28, 2008
There is someone who keeps commenting on webkinz blogs that she is Debbie Rutter, the wife of the maker of webkinz world. She says if you email her your username and password, you’ll get cheat codes or free stuff because she gets everything free.

hi Im Debbie Rutter and the wife of the maker of webkinz World!! I have enery rare item and I get 2000 kinzcash a day for free! My computer is hooked up to a special program that alows to buy the rare items in the w- shop even the 10th webkinz beds!!! I can get a 10th webkinz bed for 10 kinzcash!! If you want 2,000 kinzcash a day and every rare item in the W-shop then e-mail me your username and password.
Me and my huspan just want to make kids happy!!
Debbie Rutter

She’s posted this and other ones just a bit different all over the place. Also she posts as Carrie Rutter, the daughter of the maker of Webkinz World.

This is fake folks. My dear young viewers here is a great life lesson – if a deal seems to go to be true, it is a scam. There are people out there who take advantage of you.

Why is she doing this? She says to send her your username and password. She is going to STEAL YOUR STUFF.

Let’s look at this logically:

1. She says her husband ‘made’ webkinz world. Webkinz world is owned by Ganz (a company) and no one single person ‘made’ it. Webkinz is a collective effort by a staff of hundreds.

2. Why would the ‘wife of the owner’ of something give you free stuff? That would mean less money and business for her husband.

3. Do you think a company like Ganz would allow an employee’s wife to give away things randomly?

4. Let’s pretend she is connected to Ganz somehow – why would she need your password? Can she just buy it and kinzpost it to you? Can’t she just have the super program she has send the items to your account? Someone who would have such big special access wouldn’t need your password.

5. Really, she can’t spell ‘husband’ right? Or ‘every’?

What can we do?

Obviously, no one contact this person with your info. And NEVER give your password to ANYONE.

Next, if you have a blog link to this post and add this:

Debbie Rutter scam: Debbie Rutter aka who says she is the wife of the maker of webkinz world is a SCAM TO STEAL your stuff. Debbie Rutter is fake, do not contact her or give her any personal info, she will steal your stuff. Carrie Rutter is a scam too.

We need to get (the search engine) to pick up the name ‘Debbie Rutter’, ‘’ and the word ’scam’ and ‘fake’ so we can help protect others from falling for this. Using the key words, we can have the search engine clearly show she is a scammer if someone searches for her name.

More on the Rutter scam:
IP address:
IP address state: Washington
IP address city: Bothell
ISP of this IP: Comcast Cable

This is copyed from the kinzblog website I almost never copy stuff but this is very important so michell forgive me but I thought you would not mind because this was so important to get out to every one.


January 26, 2008

I caught my first snowflake it was the framed witer scene I was so excited I can’t wait to cach more. also if you know the answer to the scavenger hunt remember to type it in today.

Curio Shop Rare Time

January 25, 2008

At 4:00 there is a egyptian dresser for 7ooo some KC but you never see this at the curio shop.

New Recipe

January 25, 2008

Hey here is a new recipe

all you have to do is mix sunflower seeds with fudge and cornflakes on the stove and puff shabloomers.

P.S go down on this page I have made about 4 posts on this blog today.

Contest Ideas

January 25, 2008

Hey every one I bought charms about 4 mounths ago but for some reason they sent me two panda charms I loged in one of them but I still have the other one and I want to do a contest with but I don’t know what kind I should do an ideas?